A Guide to Diabetic Foot Care – Alabama Wild Man

Diabetic foot Care Dos and Don’ts features Cathy Parkes, a registered nurse at LevelUpRN. Kathy covers both the effects of diabetes on feet as well as how people with diabetes should care for their feet in order to prevent or reduce complications.
Hyperglycemia, a form of diabetes, could cause an increased blood sugar level. Chronic or persistent hyperglycemia may result in nerve damage. Peripheral neuropathy, which can result in nerve damage to the legs or feet, can also be referred to as leg pain. It may cause injuries and deformities, wounds, and even sepsis. People may also feel discomfort in their feet, or numbness, which can reduce the capacity to detect the presence of wounds or fractures.
Kathy talks about how diabetes may affect your motor, sensory and autonomic nervous systems and the potential complications.
Most important, Kathy discusses her Top Ten recommendations for diabetic foot health. These include particular diabetic foot care routines, what should be avoided, as well as recommendations on general foot care and managing blood sugar levels.
Kathy’s YouTube video will explain how diabetes can affect the feet of your patients, as well as what you should do to help diabetic feet. n42qhvbpyq.