A Look Inside a Michelin-Starred Italian Restaurant – Food Magazine


You’ve ever wondered about the activities going inside the workings of a Michelin-starred Italian restaurant? Perhaps you’re not aware that they can be quite expensive to eat at especially if they wish to retain their status as Michelin-starred. This video will let you know what goes on inside these kinds of establishments. This video will demonstrate the process of making these eateries’ food, what they charge for it, and the ingredients that go into making the best food.

The first part of the video shows how a special kind of ravioli is created. Making ravioli is an intricate method that needs a number of ingredients and involves many processes. It’s a challenge to discover the truffles which constitute a part of these items. This is a clear indication of how challenging it is to obtain truffles, and what business decisions the restaurant must make concerning them. In particular, they could be more expensive if they are selling the truffles right away and yet the truffles be more delicious by letting them age a little.