A Step by Step Guide to Using Scotch Laminating Pouches – J Search

An easy-to-follow guide to the best way to utilize Scotch self-seal laminate pouches. There aren’t any alternatives to online directions on this method and she hopes to change this through her own tutorial video.

The use of a ruler is mandatory. The use of a ruler is not required. However, the narrator prefers to use a flat cardboard. Flatten the edges of the yellow strip when you open the pouch. When you’re doing this ensure that you do not get marks on the plastic bag, as it can affect the image’s quality.

The printed item you want to laminate onto the cover. On the yellow strip, you will notice a mark at the top, and another at the bottom. This is the space that you’ll use to center your image. Once you have done that, take out the yellow stripe. Then, continue pressing down on this area.

Remove any remaining paper from the pouch’s back. There is adhesive underneath it. Use an object like a ruler or cardboard for this purpose so that it can prevent air bubbles from getting in. You now have a great guide for using an Scotch self-seal laminate pouch.