Criminal Lawyers Offer a Number of Important Services – Southwest Finger Lakes Crime Stoppers

An experienced criminal attorney can advise clients on the legal consequences that could befall them currently. In most cases it is the case that concurrent legal sentences are much more common than sentences that are consecutive. The most fundamental concept that is essential to criminal law is the distinction between consecutive or concurrent criminal sentences. Consecutive sentencing has pros and cons and how they work for different situations is crucial.

Like you might imagine, individuals who are sentenced concurrently will be released from prison faster than those who have continuous sentences. It is possible to spend up to 10 years in prison when you’re convicted of multiple crimes and have to do so consecutively. Every case is likely to be unique and have specific circumstances as well as criminal legal theories that could create a complicated situation.

The lawyer may talk with you regarding the notion of third-party culpability, for instance. Relevant evidence generally refers to circumstances that may raise doubts about the guilt of a defendant. Situations like this can be complex, however, and they have to be carefully considered. Criminal lawyers can review all the details with their clientsand help clients understand the way the proceeding will go.