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es. Although there were differences in the research findings concerning how strong the correlation between these variables however, there was no doubt that gingivitis and periodontal illness affected pregnancies. Periodontal disease was associated with low birth weight and preeclampsia. It also caused leaks of the pre-labor membrane, according to the study.

Another study, published in Family Practice, that involved 748 792 birth records of pregnancies, discovered that the periodontal condition of mothers was strongly related to low birth weight or preterm labor as well as abortions that were spontaneous. Researchers stressed the importance to have a quick diagnosis at the orthodontist’s office in order to safeguard the mother and the child. Different treatments are available which include periodontal care for mothers who are pregnant.

4. Respiratory Conditions

For those who have compromised immune systems, the oral cavity is a possible cause of respiratory ailments such as chronic obstructive pulmonary condition and pneumonia. This risk increases for individuals requiring mechanical ventilation. Additionally, periodontal diseases can impact the systemic health. There are however two additional mechanisms. The microbiome-derived enzymes interfere with the protective properties of saliva. These enzymes also block the elimination of pathogens off the mucosal layer.

COVID-19 generated a renewed interest in the relationship between respiratory ailments in conjunction with oral health. Researchers from British Dental Journal hypothesized that COVID-19 severity was linked to bad oral health in a study. The research team found that the severeness of COVID-19 was associated with a prolonged recovery time and an increase in the C-reactive protein. A poor oral health condition can affect the recovery from respiratory illness.

Similar research in Japan has also shown an intricate link between health of the system and oral regardless of how oral health is taken care of. Gerontology has published a 1 year Japanese cohort study that highlighted the value of maintaining oral health.