Diamonds Vs Moissanite What Is the Difference? – Funny Insurance Claims

Although nds are the most popular choice for engagement rings, they’re by no means the only option. There are many alternatives when you’re looking for something else than diamond, including moissanite, that is very similar to diamonds.

Moissanite as well as diamonds appear to be indistinguishable between them to the naked observer. One of the most efficient ways to distinguish Moissanite different from diamond is to utilize an optical magnifier to view the top of the, or crown, of the jewel with an angle. Two lines may appear blurred that indicate a double reflection. It is a characteristic of Moissanite.

Double reflection is more easy to observe in some forms as opposed to others. Even a highly skilled jeweller could not see double reflections inside the Emerald cut, even with a loupe. Moissanite does not have the same density as a diamond, meaning that it is slightly lighter than diamonds of the same size. The carat weight of Moissanite is described as the equivalent diamond carat weight to avoid any confusion.