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What are the benefits and drawbacks of slate roofing?

Slate is a type of natural rock. Every piece of slate has distinctive patterns. As such, each piece is identical. There are two primary types that are hard and soft slate. It is made of hard slate and comes in varieties of colors. It lasts from 75 years to 200 years or more. Soft slate is black in color and will last for 50 years to 150 or even. In the case of slate roofing materials the slate has a rating system. It is comprised of three categories, namely S1, S2, and S3 for assessing the quality of the slate.

The slate roof has many advantages and disadvantages. Slate is a natural resource that lasts a long time which is environmentally ecologically friendly. Since it’s a form of natural rock, slate is fireproof, resilient to wind, and also water resistant. The toughness of slate permits it to stand up to high temperatures while reducing the homes cost of energy.

Although there are many pros for slate, there are several disadvantages. It can be extremely brittle and is difficult to find exact replacement pieces. The slate is very weighty and can cause roofing damage. Slate is expensive and therefore, it could not suit your budget. wi62swr1xj.