The Whats, Whys and Hows of HVAC Maintenance – Work Flow Management

Ray Pearson is an HVAC technician. He will conduct preventative HVAC maintenance for a domestic client’s system.

It is recommended pulling the disconnect prior to beginning any maintenance work for protection. After that, the technician pulls out the disconnect and pulls out the panel. This allows him to inspect the electronic components and make sure they are clean of mice or webs. The capacitor was also checked for leaks as well as rust.

He then took out his fridge gauge which was used later to test the levels of refrigerant in the system and if the coils were filthy or plugged, among other factors. The filter was operating for about six months. Ray returned and examined it. Ray said that the frequency at which the filter needs to be changed depends on its size, the size of the premises in which you live, whether pets are present, and your allergies.

The technician listened for unusual sounds as well as he inspected for any leaks as operating the system. Ray noted that he enjoys cleaning the system in order to get a better view of it.

The device worked well and was properly sized. It was now ready to usage in the household.

Pearson recommends washing your system each month, and especially when it is outside. It will ensure that the HVAC system is cooling down correctly. HVAC maintenance should be done at least once per year. pascclf88j.