What Questions Should You Ask Your Commercial Contractor? – Rad Center

Construction companies in the commercial sector need to obtain important information. This video will help you understand the questions you need to inquire about them.

The Experience
Ask how long they have been running for in order to establish the extent of their expertise. Determine if they’ve sufficient experience handling projects similar to yours. A firm that specializes in the construction of houses might not be familiar with running office spaces.

The Team
Do they have project manager and sub-contractors in charge of overseeing the project? Project managers ensure all work performed is of the highest quality and is completed in time. Will they cooperate alongside you?

Insurance and licensing
Find out if the contractor you are considering can be licensed and bonded, and insured. If they do not possess any of these qualifications they could leave you with a lot of costs if any thing go wrong.

Here are just a few concerns you can ask your contractor regarding commercial buildings before you hire them. You should also ask for references , as well as an unwritten contract that outlines the costs. a1fqs4yfl7.