When Is Document Shredding Necessary? – The Buy Me Blog

shredding documents is a fantastic method to ensure your data is secured, but remember that some files must remain in storage longer than other documents. Below is a list of documents you’ll want to dispose of, and how to do it.

It’s not just important documents that need to be shredded. Many pieces of junk mail, like credit card deals, are filled with personal information that could be used to commit identity theft. Verify that any junk mail you receive includes personal data such as your name, dateof birth, name, address, telephone number or other data that can be used to identify and contact you. If it does, then you should shred the mail.

It’s possible that you need to preserve certain documents in order to check the authenticity of information such as bank charge warranty, insurance or tax records. When these documents don’t have any value -typically after a time which is either one month or one year, or even seven years — they ought to be removed immediately.

Even though documents like licenses and forms of identification should not be destroyed, the majority of documents that hold personal information must be shredded. If you don’t own an shredder, contract a company to complete the task for you.